Our long-term communication experience and the balance of the various competencies in our team give us a sound professional confidence. We value speed and accuracy. We are convinced that creativity and ingenious solutions bring success.


We help set up communication strategies, and manage daily press communications, public relations and crisis management. We have experience in strategic communications management, crisis communication, media relations, the creation and distribution of media texts and other content, organizing press conferences and media presentations, performing sectoral research and analysis, the creation and maintenance of media contacts, and other public relations practices.


The success of each company is due to its loyal and committed employees. People like to work in an organization with clear principles and values​. ​The cornerstone of rooting such principles is in smoothly organized internal communication. We help to create and develop an internal communication system, analyse information flow and make audits, conduct satisfaction surveys, manage and provide internal communication channels and conduct internal communication training.


We share our experience and practical tips for communicating with journalists, mapping critical topics and developing messages, and preparing our speakers to cope with difficult situations. We carry out media training for speakers, internal communication counselling and training, background research for journalists, and crisis communication training with simulation. We prepare crisis handbooks, map out crisis issues and work out the necessary messages.


OIt is important that every event creates an immediate emotion and offers bright moments. We organize meaningful conferences, international media events, memorable team events and sporting events.

  • Information and press events
  • Seminars, information days, fairs
  • Opening events for buildings and facilities
  • Excursions and Open Days
  • Sponsorship and social responsibility events
  • Customer events


A well-considered and business-related sponsorship strategy shapes the reputation of the company, increases its fame, makes the employer a desirable workplace and helps distinguish it from its competitors. Clear sponsorship principles provide a specific framework for decision-making and provide brand support. We work out and implement sponsorship strategies, we advise on the choice of areas of support, we help organize support activities and communication, we execute marketing and event-related activities to boost the awareness of the cooperation, while communicating existing sponsorship projects, we create related solutions for involving employees and managers.


We help to create and design a variety of printed materials for events, cultural publications, and company introductions. We create visual solutions for presentations and online channels.

  • Yearbooks
  • CSR Reports
  • Information materials, brochures
  • Conference publications
  • Books
  • Presentations
  • Banners


Merlis Nõgene
Merlis Nõgene
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    Kaja Kilk
    Kaja Kilk
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      Sandor Liive
      Sandor Liive
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        Helena Maripuu
        Helena Maripuu
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          Keiu Valge
          Keiu Valge

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            Reilika Puust
            Reilika Puust

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              Egle Madiste
              Egle Madiste

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                Roman Kuznetsov
                Roman Kuznetsov

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